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Hosting Related Costs

Hosting related costs fall into two general categories:  Domain name registration and website hosting fees.  Hosting related costs can be paid directly by your organization or we can pay them and bill you.  The MACT member discount listed above would not apply to these costs since we would be passing them through at the actual cost.


Domain name registration is a fee you pay annually for “ownership” of your domain name.  A domain name is what you use for accessing a website.  For example, my domain name is “LPint-Consulting”, so to get to my website you would enter  Domain name registration fees vary by name (the “LPint-Consulting” portion) and extension (the “.com” portion).  They generally start at about $12.00 per year and go up from there.  Oftentimes the name you would like is already reserved by someone else, so you need to be flexible in your name selection.  Some website hosting plans include the first-year domain name registration in their annual hosting fee.

Website hosting fees are what you pay to have some company host your website and make it available to the public on the internet.  These fees can be paid monthly, but there is usually a substantial discount if you pay annually.


Some website hosting companies offer a “free” hosting plan.  You cannot use your own domain name with these plans.  The URL to access these free websites may be something like “”.  They usually have hosting company branding on them as well as ads from companies that are essentially paying for your hosting in return for having their ads displayed on your website.


If you want the hosting company branding and ads removed and/or the ability to access your website using your own domain name, you will need to purchases a hosting plan. The pricing plans generally start at about $16.00 per month and go up from there based on features and storage space desired.  For most theatres the hosting plan should cost about $16 per month with an annual contract.  (There is sometimes special pricing available with up to 50% off.)


There is also an option in between those two.  It will remove the host branding and ads, but doesn’t use your domain name.  That option is to use LPint Consulting’s website as your host.  People could either go to and then select your theatre’s website from there or go directly to (That’s the URL you would use to link from your Facebook page and other social media sites and in e-mails.)  This would cost $8.00 per month (paid annually).


LPint Consulting is willing to work with your theatre to create a website that meets your needs, is easy to use and informative and do so at a price your theatre can afford.

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